FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Boot Hill Bandits Announce NEW SINGLE Release of “24 NOTES.” A Tribute to American Heroes.

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Outlaw Country Band, BOOT HILL BANDITS, RE-RELEASE NEW SINGLE "24 NOTES"  Honoring ALL Veterans, Military, First Responders and in support of ”LIVE-TAPS” at the Funerals of Military Veterans and First responders.

NASHVILLE, USA May 23, 2019 - Boot Hill Bandits, a NEW Outlaw Country Band with Classic Southern Rock roots releases its NEW SINGLE "24 NOTES". NOW AVAILABLE on Apple iTunes, Apple Music, CDBaby and Amazon. An AMERICAN MADE MUSICAL ANTHEM that pays tribute to each and every Military Veteran who has passed on, "24 NOTES" honors our Veterans and First responder heroes who have served and whom proudly serve today, to protect life, liberty and freedom. “24 NOTES” is also dedicated, and shines a light on BUGLES ACROSS AMERICA and it's founder, Tom Day. This Veterans organization has thousands of volunteers, who give of their time and talents to play "TAPS", otherwise known as "The 24 NOTES", at Veteran's funerals all across America, instead of the usual pre-recorded version used at most Veterans ceremonies. Visit Boot Hill Bandits™ at

ABOUT BUGLES ACROSS AMERICA. Founded in 2000 by Tom Day, when Congress passed legislation stating U.S. Veterans had a right to at least 2 uniformed military people to fold and present the flag as well as a performance of "TAPS", at their funerals. Unfortunately, over 90% of Veteran's funerals use a PRERECORDED version of "TAPS", as the Military doesn't have the musicians available to give a Live performance to all our Veterans any more. Most Americans are unaware of this situation. Bugles Across America is filling the need for REAL MUSICIANS by sending Buglers and Trumpet players to perform "TAPS" at Veteran's funerals, when requested, free of charge to the Veteran's families. BAA is the ONLY Veterans Organization addressing this issue. Visit Bugles Across America at;


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